Frequently Asked Questions

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When did ARM begin Operations?

 ARM was established on May 2nd 1994 as an Asset Management firm. However, over the years in seeking to provide its clients with comprehensive wealth management solutions, ARM expanded its expertise to the areas of Pensions, Investments, Real Estate, Trustees and Insurance.

Currently, ARM is established as a leading provider in all the respective core areas through superior execution, high quality financial advice, consistent returns and relationship management.

What is your minimum Investment Value?

ARM, through its retail products, has investment opportunities from N5,000 with no upward limit. Please see specific sections for applicable minimum investment amount.

What are your Opening hours?

We are open from 7.30am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday

What exactly does ARM do?

ARM assists individuals and institutions to create, accumulate, consolidate, preserve and distribute wealth through its Asset Management, Trust and Estate Planning and Specialised Funds services.